A maximum of 10 people may use Bumper Balls at once.

Exactly the same kind of sports outfit you would wear for a physical education lesson – plain t-shirt with shorts will be fine. Also, don’t forget proper sports shoes, unless the event is on a beach 🙂

The more the better! We serve small groups of a few but also large corporate events. All you need is some friends willing to have fun!

Surely a lot less than while playing regular sports. Reasonable behavior is always a good manner, though. Anyway, the balls perfectly cover you from knees up the head and above making it not only hard to get an injury but adds fun to every time a person falls down or bumps off another one.

We offer two sizes of Bumper Balls; one of 1,5 meter diameter for players of minimum height 150 cm and two larger ones of 1,7 m diameter each designed for players at least 180 cm tall.

The inflated ball weighs around 10 kilos each.

Especially while playing on a hot day it is wise to have a few bottles of cold water with you, also playing on open air venues around noon is not advised. It is a lot more comfortable on a ventilated sports hall at such times.

Everyone used to go to school so we all know how to wear a school bag, right?
A Bumper Ball is nothing but a big inflattable school bag. Inside the ball there are special regulated belts that we have to tighten up around our shoulders while on the opposite side there are two handles to grab and get control of the entire ball. So buckle up and get ready for the rumble!

The ball will not just burst or flatten unless it is treated in an undesired way or hits a sharp obstacle or edge with big momentum. Most venues naturally do not have such objects located around the pitch.

A 100 kilogram limit is in the warranty card.

It all depends on your pereferences, mood and weather pretty much!

We can adjust venue address to Your prefferences, but usualy we play at Ptaszyckiego street 6, Com Com Zone.